Farm Manager

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Brasstown Beef is looking for a person to run our nationally known, conception to consumption cattle operation. If you are an honest, smart, hard working person with good cattle and farming skills, outstanding people skills, and want to be a part of a cutting-edge operation, we offer the opportunity of a lifetime!

Position Location: Brasstown, NC

Minimum Requirements

  • Minimum of 10 years of livestock and farming experience
  • Must have strong work ethic and be a self-starter

  • Must be free of physical limitations

  • Must have demonstrated ability to manage people

  • Must know how to operate all farm equipment and machinery

  • Must have Seed Stock Experience, preferably Angus

  • Must be AI Trained

  • Must be computer and email proficient

  • Must be able to use cattle management software

Preferred Skills

  • Bachelor Degree in Animal Science

  • Feed yard experience

  • Veterinary/animal health experience

  • Equipment repair and maintenance knowledge

  • Know how to weld

  • Have CDL

Ridgefield Farm and Brasstown Beef are unique in the cattle and beef industry. It is a conception to consumption cattle and beef operation. It’s a seedstock producer, commercial cattle operation, a cattle feeding operation and produces and sells high quality beef. The farm utilizes the latest in technology in evaluating both seedstock and feeder cattle. Brasstown Beef has developed the reputation for the “Best Beef in The Business”, and is listed on menus of many of the top restaurants from Erie, PA to Key West, FL.

The Farm Manager is responsible for all day to day operational activities of Ridgefield Farm, which consists of 1,020 acres of mountainous forest land and rolling pastures.

The Farm Manager is responsible for all breeding activities and record keeping of all activities related to the sale of breeding stock, including preparation of bulls and females to be sold.

Feeder cattle being developed for Brasstown Beef are raised according to GAP (Global Animal Partnership) Step 4 (Pasture Centered) standards, and therefore, are always on pasture/hay and comply with a “Never- Ever” standard for being raised without the use of antibiotics, growth promoting hormones, or other artificial growth promotants, and birthed, weaned and grown out in compliance with GAP Step 4 humane handling.

In addition to livestock, the Farm Manager also oversees all-farming activities ranging from pasture maintenance, fencing, forage growing, hay making and crop planting and harvesting, including the harvest of corn silage.


  • Paid Health Insurance

  • Paid Vacation Time

  • Paid Holidays

  • Salary: $45,000-$55,000 per year

  • Housing included: A modern, 4 Bedroom / 3 Bathroom home

E-Mail Resumes to Steve Whitmire