Brasstown Box

If you'd like a taste of all Brasstown has to offer, our assorted box is perfect for you. A small assorted box is just the right size for two people who want the highest quality meats in their kitchen.

A Small Box  consists of:                        A Medium Box  consists of:                      A Large Box  consists of:

2 1LB packs of ground beef                    4 1LB packs of ground beef                     6 1LB packs of ground beef

1 Traditional sausage                            2 Traditional sausage                              Traditional sausage

1 Pack of Hotdogs                                  2 Pack of Hotdogs                                    Pack of Hotdogs

2 12oz. Ribeye steaks                             4 12oz. Ribeye steaks                              12oz. Ribeye steaks

1 1.5LB Roast                                         2 1.5LB Roast                                          3 1.5LB Roast

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All orders ship Frozen and will arrive cool to the touch. Orders received Friday after 12pm will ship out the following Monday.

CUSTOM ORDERS and REQUESTS: for custom orders and special requests, including shipment of non-frozen products CALL : 828-524-2139

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