Brasstown Beef: Local Roots, National Favorite

A family-run farm since 1949, Richfield Farms created Brasstown Beef in 1998 as a seed stock cattle operation, breeding and selecting the highest quality bulls for sale and use in other commercial cattle operations. By implementing the strictest standards for Brunvieh and Angus breeding, Brasstown Beef could ensure their quality of beef was the best of the best thanks to superior genetics, a strict diet, and a stress-free lifestyle. As a Global Animal Partnership (GAP) Step 4 Certified Farm, Brasstown Beef cattle are free to roam around large grazing pastures with Free Choice access to a propriety blend of food and sweet granite well water, contributing to consistent flavor and overall animal wellbeing.

By staying true to their local roots and standards, Brasstown Beef has received much praise, and a high demand for quality meat that far outshines the competition. Now found in mainstream markets like Whole Foods, they are a not just a local favorite – they are nationally-recognized.

Also true to their humble beginnings, Steve Whitmire, owner of Brasstown Beef, personally delivers his popular products to many of our accounts every week. Used for feature dishes, as well as on the grill, dishes featuring Brasstown Beef are always a guest favorite. Steve, known by name to chefs and students, still believes extraordinary care creates extraordinary beef, and he stands by the standards that made Brasstown a favorite from the beginning.

“There are so many factors that contribute to our meat being considered the best in the business by many chefs and diners,” Whitmire says. “Our cattle are always out on pasture, never confined, and graze in a stress-free environment.” While it may seem simple, it’s that commitment to quality that sets Brasstown apart from the rest. [Our] humane raising techniques have allowed us to maintain a Step 4 certification with the Global Animal Partnership and deliver a product with superior marbling and a one of a kind taste profile,” Whitmire explained.

Check the menu at your local venue for dishes featuring cuts sourced from Brasstown. You won’t want to miss it!

Source: Harvest Table Culinary