Steak Frites with Lemon Aioli

Steak Frites with Lemon Aioli. I am not entirely sure what I enjoyed most, the tender juicy steak from Brasstown Beef cooked to the perfect rare plus, the homemade, crispy rosemary salted french fries, or the unbelievable lemon aioli. Which, I not only used for the frites, but for sure, used for dunking my steak into several times!

This recipe is all about timing. Lucky for me, I got it spot on the first time! You want the fries warm and crispy and the steak super juicy when serving. Follow these steps and this should be no problem at all to achieve!

Let’s talk BEEF. For this recipe, I used these amazing ribeye steaks from a local ranch here in North Carolina, Brasstown Beef! On numerous occasions, I have highlighted them in a few other blogs. You really need to check them out. Steve Whitmire is very committed to his animals and even refers to himself as more of a grass farmer than a rancher. He and his cattle drink the same water. His beef is all natural, contains no hormones or antibiotics, and is, according to Steve, “always on grass.” You can purchase them locally at The Carolina Meat & Fish Co., or enjoy them in some of your favorite local eateries and now can purchase directly on their website.

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